Mary Rose Gardner without the rose garden!

Remember the song that states that no one promised you a rose garden?

I once had a person say to me that no one promised you a rose garden.  My response was, “then why did I get to be a Mary Rose Gardner?”  He looked at me like I’d lost my mind and went on his way and I had a little laugh to myself.  You see, he had no idea that Rose really was my middle name.

I wasn’t born Mary Rose Gardner, so this wasn’t a cuties name my parents gave me.  I didn’t become a Mary Rose Gardner until I married.

My name seems ironic to me.  It makes it sound like I’m happy in my rose garden, don’t you think? The truth is if you put me in a rose garden my nose will run and my eyes will itch and water.  Of course, it wouldn’t have to be a rose garden, it could be any flower garden.

As a the writer of Romantic Women’s Fiction and Romance Fiction I like turning my characters life from chaos and sometimes unhappy circumstances around and giving them their own rose garden of  happily ever afters.

I like the slow and steady revelation as God’s purpose is revealed in their lives as He leads them to the next step toward their happy endings through the trials of life.

I haven’t decided how often I’ll blog but I do hope you’ll find your way back from time to time to see what’s new in my rose garden.

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